Should I Get A Tailored Shirt?

Went shopping for a new working shirt. I am seriously considering getting a tailor shirt but It does come with a bigger price tag. Want to know what’s you thoughts on that. Pls leave me a comment.

I’m also thinking of what are the details to add if I really go ahead and get a shirt made.


10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Found this video when I was looking for new workout inspirations. This dude lay 10 quick and easy ways to lose weights. Some of these can easily be implemented in our daily lives guys.

Be sure to check them out to see how you can get better.

Alternatively, check out this article for more tips I shared.

Self-grooming to a Hotter You

Being attractive is a combination of several factors like the personality and style. While we can’t control our genes or the physical traits we are born with, we can certainly control many of the other factors.

Here are a few things you can do to up your game and work towards being the hottest guy in Singapore:


There’s nothing more appealing than smelling good! One easy way to achieve this is to maintain a good hygiene habits like wearing deodorant, taking regular showers and lastly, wear a small amount of cologne or body spray.

One thing to note when it comes to the use of men’s cologne: 1) avoid wearing too much, 2) only apply two or three pumps, 3) opt for a more natural scent like something that’s woody instead of floral based scent

Take care of your complexion

This can be achieved by washing your face daily (once in the morning and one more time at night before heading to bed). Men are born to have more testosterone than women and hence results in an increase chance in outbreaks. Moisturiser and toner is also critical in helping your skin to look youthful and vibrant (be sure to pick something that’s suitable for your skin type though).

Maintain regular shaving

Here’s the deal, chicks dig guys with a clean shave. Studies have shown that (on top of preferring dad bod) girls actually prefers kissing guys with a clean shaved face. Having the facial hair trimmed or shaved also makes you look younger.
That said, also be sure to give it a day off once a week where you go without shaving.
Keeping your razor sharp and clean is also essential in order to avoid sensitivity caused during the shaving process.

Trim that nails!

And keep it clean. This one is none negotiable. Nothing turns a woman down more than long and dirty nails. Period.

Maintain a mouthful of fresh breath

Brushing and flossing of your teeth daily will help go a long way in combating bad breath and help maintain that pearly-whites.
Be sure to use a good toothpaste to go along and have your toothbrush replaced on a regular basis.
Another great way is to drink more water throughout the day and use mouthwash after food and at night before heading to bed.

Cut and Style Hair Regularly

This rule applies even if you are trying to grow it out. Getting regular haircuts can help trim off split ends and keep you looking fresh and cooling.

Make sure to apply some kind of hair products to help style and keep your hair in place during the day. Do make sure not to go overboard when it comes to products as too much can damage your hair and cause more serious issues like balding or damaged hair down the road. Pomade, hair wax or hair clay are all ideal choices to help keep your hair in shape.

So there you have it, 6 things to make yourself hotter and feel more confident of yourself when you shop around Orchard Road on the weekend and in office on the weekdays.